Syllabi Classes

Syllabi Classes for Developing Dances

A.D.A Jazz & Tap Classes (Australasian Dance Association)

A.D.A syllabi classes specialise in teaching jazz & tap from Pre Primary through to Advanced teaching levels. These syllabi classes focus on examination content to help develop a child’s dancing to an elite level through an energetic style combining popular music with strong and dynamic technique exercises that develops musicality and co- ordination.

Pre Primary through to level 2 are only required once a week in a combined jazz & tap class; then Level 3 through to star performance levels, jazz and tap is separated & twice a week.

R.A.D Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)

We offer R.A.D syllabi classical ballet classes from Pre Primary through to Grade 8 and vocational grades from Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2 level.

Classical ballet training promotes good posture, poise, strength, elegance and develops confidence within a child of any age.

Creativity is the heart of the R.A.D syllabus building self- esteem and confidence through movement and expression.

A.D.A Acrodance

AcroDance is the new syllabus created by Lesley Scott for A.D.A (Australasian Dance Association). Level 1 has been released in 2020 with further levels to be introduced annually. In AcroDance, students discover acrobatics especially designed for dancers.

It combines elements of dance seamlessly with precision elements of acrobatics. Important technical skills will attribute dancers like balance, flexibility, stamina, enhanced movement and as they progress through the various levels they will in turn learn technique of specific “tricks” like tumbling, walkovers, handstands, aerials & more. In addition to this class students are required to attend another dance class.

A.D.A Contemporary

New for 2021, the introduction of the A.D.A. contemporary syllabus created by the world- renowned Jane Pirani. Offered to students 6 yrs & above, this new syllabus is designed to build a strong foundation in the contemporary dance genre incorporating technique from classical ballet while giving creative freedom to movement connecting the mind and body through intricate but fluid movements. In addition to this class students are required to attend another dance class (ballet or lyrical is highly recommeneded).

Comdance Jason Winters Contemporary Technique

This syllabus is specially designed to incorporate the most classical and academic contemporary technique that is required by commercial dance settings today. It is athletic in nature, incorporating fundamentals from classical ballet and pulls upon elements from yoga and pilates to create further strength and power.

This syllabus is offered from Level 1 to Level 5. Syllabus ballet, extension ballet, extension lyrical or extension contemporary are highly recommended.