Open & Extension Classes

Open & Extension Classes from Jazz to Contemporary

Open & Extension Classes

We offer a huge variety of open and extension dance classes for the student who wishes to come just once a week for fun & fitness to the student who wishes to extend themselves further than normal syllabi classes.

These classes include all styles such as jazz, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical and tap.


Contemporary at B.A.D. is designed for the student who wants to learn the contemporary style but has no or minimal classical training.

Contemporary dance takes the classical boundaries and extends by abstract movement and expression. We do encourage students to also attend the lyrical or jazz class to help their technique for this style further.


A modern and energetic style of dance that combines popular music with dynamic technical movement.

Jazz promotes flexibility, strength & fitness.

Hip Hop

This class is for anyone interested in learning the hip-hop style.

Each class involves learning intricate combinations and to improve fitness and co- ordination.


A style of dance that promotes expression, poise, strength, elegance and develops confidence within a child.

This dance style embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics & modern dance while still maintaining its independence.


A fun and rhythmical form of dance where students learn to make sounds with their feet to build musicality & co-ordination.

Conditioning Dance Classes

These classes are solely to help students become stronger and more flexible dancers. Designed to increase stamina, increase speed, improve cardiovascular endurance, improve overall fitness, and advance flexibility.

Each class incorporate dynamic warm-ups, stretching, hand weights, weighted bars, medicine balls, sliders, skipping ropes, wobble Boards, gym exercises balls and more to improve overall flexibility and strength.